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ARPA Recruitment Funds – Update

We are hearing that funds are starting to hit bank accounts!  We are receiving quite a few calls asking about best methods for tracking and distributing funds.  Although this “program” is quite simple on its face, the fact is that we still don’t have any direction on what the final reporting is going to look like.

We are recommending that you anticipate reporting that is similar to the cost reporting and rate enhancement reporting requirements.  The big categories used in the cost report for 2021 were the following:

  • PHC Non-Priority
  • PHC P1
  • Star+Plus Waiver/Non Waiver
  • Star+Plus Protective Supervision
  • Star+Plus CFC
  • Star+Plus Respite

There were many other categories on the reports as well, but the above is probably what most of you are accustomed to.  And seeing how many programs have different ARPA add-on amounts, we recommend that you specifically track these funds by every program that you service.

We have come up with a sample template on how to track your monthly Anticipated ARPA funds so that you can compare actual monies you have received to your actual billing amounts, and so that you can tie-in bonus money paid out to your attendants by service category/program.  The pdf is attached to this post.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.