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Attendant Pay Rate and Benefits Evaluation

We have prepared a comprehensive worksheet that provides insights into how different attendant pay rates can impact your bottom line. These rates range from the minimum requirement of 90% for rate enhancement programs to a full 100% of the attendant cost area rates. By using this worksheet, you'll gain a clear understanding of how these various rates affect your agency's financial health. This sample shows you how to maximize your A&G rate, ensuring that your agency optimizes its reimbursement potential. You can access all this valuable information in Section 1 of the PDF linked in this post.

Moving on to Section 2, we explore the advantages of offering benefits to your attendants, including a modest $50 per month plan and provisions for paid time off (PTO) and vacation days.

We invite you to connect with us to discuss how Advantage Healthcare Consulting, Inc. can assist you in planning and implementing changes that will enhance your agency's competitiveness and profitability. Let's work together to achieve your goals!

Download the pdf here.